During the week, we meet in smaller Community Groups. Groups are for:

Growth – Each week we'll study a portion of God’s word that relates to the previous weekend’s sermon. Our goal is to learn how to apply and live out our Christianity in our day-to-day experiences and relationships.

Care – Community Groups are a place to take care of each other as Jesus commanded. This care will take many forms such as prayer, listening, meeting needs, encouraging, and even challenging one another as needed.

Connection – In our hectic and splintered world, people often feel alone and disconnected from one another. Community groups are a place to experience the deepening relationships we all long for.

Mission – The mission of Jesus cannot be accomplished by lone-ranger Christians. We were never meant to do life alone, and a supportive community is essential for the reminders that each of us need to live life for God’s purposes.

How do I get connected to a Community Group?
Every Community Group is open to new people starting at any time. We want to get to know you! To find out more about our various groups and get connected, fill out this form: 

Community Group Connect Form


 Current Community Groups:

Sunday 6:00pm Brandermill
Sunday 6:00pm Powhatan*
Tuesday 6:30pm Woodlake*
Tuesday 6:30pm Bailey Bridge*
Tuesday 6:30pm Old Buckingham*
Tuesday 6:30pm Smoketree*
Tuesday 6:30pm Chester/Jeff Davis Hwy*
Tuesday 7:00pm Brandermill*
Tuesday 7:00pm Charter Colony*
Wednesday 6:30pm West End*
Wednesday 6:30pm Elm Crest*
Wednesday 7:00pm Providence*
Wednesday 7:00pm Salisbury*
Wednesday 7:00pm Chester/Iron Bridge*
Thursday 6:30pm Hampton Park*
Thursday 7:00pm Stonehenge*

*Childcare options available

(neighborhood designations are to give you an idea of the different groups we have and the general area where they meet, but groups are not limited to those in the listed neighborhood)

VillageStudents - Sunday - 6pm - Village Church

Do Community Groups provide child care?
Each Community Group will handle child care in a way that works for them. Child care should be available for most groups, but please RSVP ahead of time with the group leader.